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Just Like Steel Sharpens Steel, Only Men Can Help Each Other Reach Their Full Potential...
Hey.  My name is Clay Cutts.  I've learned that women can teach boys and men a lot. But there is one thing they can't teach to be a man!

Only other men can do that.

If you were very lucky you grew up with a father who taught you everything you needed to know to be a man...about work, about relationships, about kids, about sex, about money, etc.  But even if you WERE that lucky, much of what your father taught you is now obsolete.

Times...they are a changin'!

So, what do you do now that you're grown and the training wheels are long gone? What do you do if you find that, while life is okay, you have this gnawing sense that it could be better? surround yourself with other men who are on the the same (or at least a parallel) journey.  You find a group of guys who, like you, are brave enough to be 100% real and do the work of becoming better...healthier...stronger.

After all, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

Introducing The Man Forge...Live!

This is a weekly group for MEN ONLY.  We gather and talk about all things related to becoming a better man...relationships, fatherhood, alcohol, sex, pornography and anything else that comes up.

Be warned...this is not some towel-snapping, "how 'bout them Braves", locker room bullshit session.  This is real talk that WILL help you break through barriers that have been holding you back...maybe for years.

Click the big orange button below and join the group.  Don't spend another day spinning your wheels just WISHING your life would get better.

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